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Commercial Retreading

Tire Retreading in Hermantown, MN

Save Money with Retread Tires

Are you getting the max value out of your fleet's commercial tires? Instead of spending more money on new commercial truck tires now, you can save money and increase the lifespan of your current tires at our Oliver retreading facility.

Retreading is recognized across the commercial tire industry as a safe, cost-efficient way for business to increase the longevity of current, worn tires. Local and national business, including the United States Postal Service, rely on tire retreading to save money.

We proudly serve businesses across Duluth, MN, Hermantown, MN, Blaine, MN, and surrounding areas. Learn more about retreading at the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau.

Oliver Retread Tires

Since 1912, the Oliver Rubber Company has been producing quality tread rubber. You don't stay in business for over a century without providing exceptional value. This is one of the reasons why we're proud to be an Oliver retreading facility. We know we're working with some of the best tread rubber in the industry during our commercial retreading services. Contact us to learn more about tire retreading, or schedule a service with us.

Tire Retreading in Duluth, MN

Recapping vs. Regrooving vs. Retreading

If you're new to retreading, you may have heard some other terms like "recap tires" and "regroove tires." Read below to learn more about them:

  • Recapping is an old industry term for what is more commonly called tire retreading today.
  • Regrooving is a process that makes use of existing tread depth by adding new grooves to the original rubber. Besides some safety concerns, the regrooving process greatly reduces the likelihood of that tire being eligible for retread in the future.
  • Retreading, also known as recapping, involves buffing away the original tire tread and applying a new layer of tread.

Purchasing a new set of tires is often the #1 maintenance cost for businesses with a commercial fleet. If a commercial truck tire is worn and looks ready for the scrap pile, check the condition of the casing first. You may be eligible for retread tires.

Our Tire Retread Process

Our professionals will do the following:

  • Inspect the condition of your tires to ensure they are still usable.
  • Buff away the remainder of your old tread.
  • Apply an entirely new rubber tread using specialized machinery.

At Duluth Tire & Oil Inc., we've developed a reputation for excellent customer service and quality work at an honest price. Our staff of personable, experienced technicians will have your tires performing again in no time.

Contact Duluth Tire & Oil Inc. for info on Tire Retreading Contact Us for More Info on Tire Retreading

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